We are a group of researchers in Australia, Denmark and the UK that is interested in your views about your interactions with your health care provider. If you have had an interaction with a healthcare provider within the last 6 months and have (had) a diagnosis of either Diabetes or Cancer you may be eligible to join a 10-15 minutes online survey study in which a new questionnaire is being developed and tested. You can access the survey by clicking here including a plain language statement which explains more about the study and what participation involves

If you have any questions about the study please contact Professor Bodil Rasmussen from Deakin University on telephone: 03 9244 6425 or Email:

Research has shown that the interaction with healthcare professionals can have great significance for whether people are empowered to manage long-term health problems.
This questionnaire asks not only whether the healthcare professionals are nice and kind, but whether they support you to manage the particular challenges you experience with the health problems in your everyday life.
The questionnaire contains a number of statements concerning the interaction between you and the healthcare professional in the management of your situation/condition/illness.
The statements all concern your perception of what happened, considering both your own reaction and that of the healthcare professional. We would like you to consider the statements below and use the scale on the right to indicate the extent to which you agree or disagree with each of them.
We ask you to mark the box corresponding to the answer you think is most appropriate. If you do not think that the statement is relevant to your particular case, you can mark the box corresponding to “Neither agree nor disagree”.
Your answers will be treated confidentially.

Please, answer the questions concerning the most recent interaction you have had with a healthcare professional.

My perception of the interaction with the healthcare professional is that:

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